What Is the Value of a Dental Membership Plan?


Dental insurance isn’t your only option for affordable dental care.

Close to 25% of adults in the US don’t have dental insurance, and even more have poor dental coverage that barely assists with affordability. It comes as no surprise that many people find themselves either delaying or avoiding visits to the dentist simply because of cost. In an effort to make dental care more financially practical for uninsured patients, more and more dental practices are establishing their own private dental membership plans.

Dental membership plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance.

Dental membership plans are not a form of health insurance; they are a licensed dental savings plan. You sign up for the membership plan as you would any other service-based program. In return for paying an annual fee, you receive all of the benefits and cost savings included in the members-only plan.

5 Benefits of a Private Dental Membership Plan

As a cost-effective dental insurance alternative, private dental memberships offer a number of  advantages to patients who join the plan. Here are 5 of the most significant benefits patients experience.

1. You know exactly what you’re getting when you join.

One of the best things about a dental membership plan is that you know exactly what services and discounts you’ll be getting. You won’t have to deal with headaches over deductibles, maximums, and exclusions. Surprise fees will also be a thing of the past. Most importantly, you can sign up at any time.

A dental membership plan is straightforward and as black-and-white as possible when it comes to what is and isn’t covered.

2. Families get discounts for each family member.

The majority of dental membership plans provided through family dentists offer discounts for family members. Each family member who joins your family plan will receive a reduced rate, but will still be eligible for all of the same services included in a standard membership for an individual.

Parents with uninsured children or even adult kids who are caring for an elderly parent will be able to get all of the same benefits while also saving money.

3. Complimentary dental care treatments are included.

Dental membership plans are designed to help individuals and families achieve optimal oral health. Included in many of these plans are complimentary preventive care services, and sometimes even some fun bonuses like teeth whitening!

Most dental membership plans will include complimentary biannual checkups and cleanings, annual X-rays, and fluoride treatments.

4. Necessary procedures come with an automatic discount.

When dental treatment is needed, your dental membership plan will help you out with a price discount. Traditional dental insurance can make it difficult for patients to determine what treatment is and isn’t covered. Dental membership plans simplify this by offering a standard discount percentage for any required dental treatment.

In some cases, you’ll get a discount on dental treatment that wouldn’t have been covered with traditional dental insurance. Your dentist knows you and your oral health on a personal level in a way that an insurance company does not. This means what is deemed necessary for your oral health is between you and your dentist.

5. Membership costs are transparent and paying is easy.

Not knowing exactly what you have to pay and when is stressful. Dental membership plans eliminate this worry and make costs transparent to patients. You know what services you won’t have to pay for and which you will receive a discount on. When you do need restorative or cosmetic care, you can also rest assured that the price quote you receive prior to your appointment is 100% accurate.

Payment is also a breeze. Most dental membership plans allow for quick online payments for services as well as annual renewals.

What’s included in Tomasik Family Dental’s membership?

As a service to our local community, Tomasik Family Dental offers a fantastic dental membership plan to our patients. Our Tomasik Dental Membership Plan includes:

  • Two free dental exams (problem-focused and comprehensive).
  • Two free standard cleanings every year (adults and kids).
  • Free whitening for adults.
  • Free X-rays every year (full mouth and panoramic).
  • Free fluoride treatments for kids.
  • 10% discount on necessary dental care services.

Our membership plan has no waiting periods, deductibles, exclusions, or maximums you have to worry about. Patients without insurance are highly encouraged to join, and we also welcome insured patients who choose to not use their insurance due to lack of affordable coverage.

The Tomasik Dental membership plan is paid yearly. Individuals will receive all of the benefits discussed for only $259 per year. Families receive a discounted $229 annual fee for each family member.

Join the Tomasik Dental membership plan today.

Interested in simplifying your dental care and achieving your healthiest smile yet? You can join the Tomasik Dental membership plan right now by using this online portal.

If you have questions about our membership plan and how it can benefit your unique oral health needs, our team is eager to provide the answers. You can get in touch by calling our Bee Cave office or even sending us an email.