5 Things To Look for in a Family Dentist in Lakeway, Texas


A great family dentist checks these boxes.

The hunt for the perfect family dentist isn’t always a simple task, but when you know exactly what you’re looking for, the search is easier. Ultimately, you’ll discover a great dentist for your family and know everyone in your home is on their way to achieving optimal oral health.

Here are 5 signs you’ve found a great dentist and how Tomasik Family Dental stacks up to the requirements.

1. They have a love for kids and experience in pediatric services.

The biggest difference between a general and family dentist is the age of the patients they treat. While general dentists care for adults and older teens, family dentists should welcome all ages, including infants and toddlers.

If you have very young children or a baby on the way, it’s a good idea to ask a prospective dentist if they have a minimum age limit for treatment. Tomasik Family Dental treats every member of your family and encourages parents to book their child’s first dental evaluation no later than their 1st birthday.

In addition to treating kids, a great family dentist will also offer specific pediatric dental care services. For example, dental sealants, topical fluoride treatment, and space maintainers are a few examples of services important for children’s oral health.

2. They use modern technology and treatment techniques.

Dental technology and treatment techniques are constantly advancing. A great pediatric dentist will ensure their practice and their team stay up to date with these advancements for the benefit of the team and patients.

The capabilities and precision of modern dental tech have come a long way in just a few short decades. Practices like Tomasik Family Dental are outfitted with 3D digital scanners, cone-beam imaging systems, advanced dental lasers, and CEREC same day crown mills. These machines and tools enhance patient comfort and save time during treatment.

Great dentists will also continue their education and encourage their teams to do the same. Outdated techniques and ideas can be inefficient or harmful. By taking classes and seminars to improve their expertise, dentists are also ensuring they provide the absolute best modern dental care possible.

3. They offer a broad range of care to meet all your needs.

It’s important to consider the services a prospective dentist offers and whether or not they’ll match your and your family’s needs. Dealing with referrals and having to see an outside orthodontist or other dental specialist can be frustrating and time-consuming, so it’s best to look for a dentist who offers a wide range of care.

Tomasik Family Dental has three dentists and an amazing team of assistants and hygienists who are able to offer an extensive range of care all under one roof. In addition to general and restorative solutions, we also provide orthodontic care, Invisalign treatment, cosmetic services, sleep dentistry, and TMJ therapy, just to name a few.

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4. Preventive care and functional health come first.

A preventive-centered approach to dental care is the only way to achieve and maintain a healthy and happy smile. Your family dentist should emphasize the importance of preventive dental care, which includes guidance on at-home oral care and maintaining a six-month schedule for checkups and cleanings.

Functional health should always come before aesthetic appearances. For example, the world of cosmetic dentistry is exciting, and there are so many ways you can enhance your smile. However, performing cosmetic services on unhealthy teeth only yields temporary results that are doomed to fail. A great family dentist will guide you toward a healthy, functional smile before diving into any elective treatments.

5. Patient comfort is a priority during every visit.

Your and your family’s comfort should be a top priority for your dentist and their team. They should deliver a sense of understanding, compassion, and empathy, especially toward patients with dental anxiety from poor past experiences at other practices. Similarly, they should be flexible and patient, particularly when it comes to working with children.

Tomasik Family Dental prioritizes patient comfort in these ways and many more. We even provide warm blankets and iPods during treatment appointments and several options for sedation dentistry to ensure you are as relaxed as possible.

You can see what other people think of the Tomasik Family Dental approach to patient care by reading some of these reviews.

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