Why a Chipped Tooth Should Never Be Ignored


More damage from a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth can happen to anyone, and if it does, it is something that you shouldn’t ignore. Did you know that if your tooth is chipped, even in the slightest, it can put you at risk for another broken tooth—or worse, more damage to the original chipped tooth? This is because teeth are designed to be smooth, and if you bite into something with a broken tooth, that can increase the risk of breaking the tooth even more, or having the broken tooth rub against another one of your teeth, or even your gums.

A chipped tooth can lead to infection.

One of the reasons it is so important to get a chipped tooth fixed is because it can lead to infection. If the chip on your tooth goes through the enamel layer and into the dentin layer on your tooth, it leads to the roots of your tooth, which is connected to the bloodstream. If an infection were brewing in your broken tooth, it could then get into your bloodstream, causing a worst-case scenario. While it is scary, it is even more reason to visit the team at Tomasik Family Dental to check out your tooth as soon as possible.

A chipped tooth can affect your smile.

If you have chipped your tooth, it can cause you to feel self conscious about your smile. If a broken tooth has caused you to be self conscious about your smile, schedule a visit with Tomasik Family Dental to have our team check out your chip. Even if your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, it is a good idea to get a dentist to evaluate the chipped tooth to make sure the dentin layer hasn’t been affected.

How can Tomasik Family Dental fix my chipped tooth?

Depending on the size of the chip in your tooth, there are different ways it can be repaired.

Cosmetic Bonding or Filling

If you have a very small chip in your tooth that has just affected the enamel layer, you more than likely will just need a filling or cosmetic bonding to fix the tooth. Dr. Tomasik will use the latest materials and dental technology to fix the chip and smooth out any unevenness in just one visit.


If you have more than just a little chip in your tooth and it is affecting your smile and confidence, you might consider a veneer. A veneer is made from strong dental-grade porcelain and is a thin covering that is custom made and placed over a tooth. A porcelain veneer can be placed in just two visits to Tomasik Family Dental. The result is a natural looking tooth, and no one will notice the difference in your smile. A veneer is a perfect covering for a front tooth that has been chipped.

Dental Crowns

If there is significant damage to a chipped tooth, a dental crown might be your best bet to get it fixed. Unlike other dental practices, Dr. Tomasik specializes in single-day crowns, meaning you only need one visit to get your crown. Using Cerec one-day crown technology, Dr. Tomasik begins with a scan of your mouth using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. The images are then used to create a natural looking crown that can be placed over your tooth the exact same day. These dental crowns are durable and act just like your normal tooth—just prepared in one day instead of having to wait weeks for a lab to create a crown for your tooth.

Schedule a consult with Tomasik Family Dental.

If you are a resident of Bee Cave or Lakeway, Texas, Tomasik Family Dental is your go-to for preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. If you have a chipped tooth, contact our office immediately to schedule an evaluation to get it checked out. A chipped tooth that goes without being examined can cause more problems down the line than just a simple filling.

And if you don’t have any dental issues, it is still wise to see a dentist at least twice each year. Contact the team at Tomasik Family Dental today to schedule an appointment for a dental evaluation and cleaning. We love to see your smile and want to help you keep it in perfect shape. Hope to see you soon!