8 Ways Invisalign Braces Can Improve Your Overall Health


Invisalign offers a wealth of oral health benefits.

It’s never too late to improve your smile. Though many adults think the time for straight teeth came when they were teenagers, that’s not the case anymore with modern dentistry. Over 9 million adults have successfully used Invisalign and have a brighter and straighter smile as a result. And not only will Invisalign braces and orthodontics help you get straighter teeth, but they can provide a variety of other health benefits too.

If you have been thinking about getting braces but want clear aligners instead of the traditional metal style, you’ll be pleased to know that this option provides many benefits to your overall health too. Check out our list below.

1. Prevent periodontitis and associated illnesses

When your teeth are straight and aligned correctly, the gums can tighten around your teeth, leading to better periodontal health. With Invisalign braces, you can better brush and floss your teeth, which means you will be less likely to develop tooth decay, which can lead to or exacerbate other illnesses, such as oral cancer, eating disorders, anemia, and diabetes.

2. Easier to clean your teeth

You may see this as a repeated theme, but the Tomasik Family Dental team wants to reiterate how much easier it will be to clean your teeth when you have Invisalign braces. Invisalign clear aligners are customized to fit your mouth and are removable. This means you don’t have to use a unique tool when cleaning your teeth like you would if you had traditional metal braces. You can brush and floss your teeth like normal. But better yet, when you are done with your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have straighter teeth, and you’ll be better able to clean those tight spaces between your teeth.

3. Freshen breath

When you have Invisalign braces, you will inevitably get straighter and better-aligned teeth. This will make it easier for you to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day, as you will be better able to get into those tight places. When you get into those close places more frequently, you are more likely to brush away plaque that can lead to bacteria, which can ultimately cause tooth decay and bad breath. So, straighter teeth means naturally fresher breath.

4. Improve your mental and emotional outlook on life

Most of us understand the benefit of a smile. When we are proud of our teeth and are comfortable with our smiles, we are more likely to smile often. And smiling is good for our mental and emotional health. When we smile, neurotransmitters in our bodies are released,  reducing our stress levels. This causes us to release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which all work to improve our mood and push away negative or sad feelings.

5. You can continue your dental care during your Invisalign braces treatment.

It should stand to reason that no matter what dental treatment you are receiving, you can continue to receive dental care. You do still need dental care while wearing Invisalign. Continuing with your routine dental care will cut down on the buildup of plaque and tartar, and hygienic cleaning will help prevent cavities and gum disease development.

6. Less wear and tear on your teeth

One of the surprise benefits of Invisalign is that they work to protect your teeth while you sleep, almost like a nightguard. Your Invisalign braces help prevent grinding that can occur while you sleep, which, if left untreated, can cause a lot of extra wear and tear on those precious pearly whites.

7. Relieve TMJ symptoms, such as headaches

A common cause of TMJ disorder is jaw misalignment. And braces are a highly effective way of correcting this alignment. Thus, with Invisalign clear aligners, the upper and lower jaw is repositioned to align your teeth and frequently eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ.

8. Relieve sleep apnea symptoms

You may never have guessed it, but Invisalign teeth can also reduce the symptoms related to sleep apnea. The growth process associated with Invisalign technology inevitably increases the amount of space inside your mouth. This helps to improve airflow, making it easier for you to breathe. Improved airflow and easier breathing mean a better night’s sleep to be better rested each day.

Tomasik Family Dental can help adults with Invisalign braces.

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We’ll help you determine if traditional braces or Invisalign are the right choice for you during your orthodontics consultation. Not only that, but we’ll tell you the straight truth about Invisalign clear aligners. And before long, you, too, can be on your way to a straighter and healthier smile.