7 Ways Invisalign Can Transform the Little Things in Your Life


It stands to reason that we all want straighter teeth. After all, who loves posing for a selfie or family portrait when they have crooked or misaligned teeth? But for those with a less-than-straight smile, the concept of a new smile and straight teeth can be daunting. Braces are a time-consuming commitment, and the idea of a mouth full of metal can seem less than ideal.

But thankfully, there are alternatives to metal braces, especially for adults who understand smile psychology and know the many benefits. Enter Invisalign. With an Invisalign transformation, you can have straight teeth without the look of metal braces and with a shorter and more convenient time commitment.

The Invisalign Transformation

Invisalign is a clear alternative to metal braces. Acceptable for use with kids, teens, and adults, an Invisalign smile is often coveted by adults who seek restorative dental care and want a straighter smile. But having straight teeth affects far more than just your teeth. While straight teeth are the obvious advantage and intended result, sometimes it is those other benefits of Invisalign that our patients appreciate the most.

1. Regain Your Confidence

You don’t feel like smiling when you have crooked or misaligned teeth. Smiling, however, is good for our health. It can reduce our blood pressure, increase our endurance, and strengthen our immune system. Further, it can reduce pain and stress. This is all critical to our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves.

2. Feel Like Smiling

We live in an age where many seem to think a selfie a day can keep the doctor away. With the proliferation of mobile devices and social media, there appears to be an opportunity to pose for a photo around every corner. You’ll be ready to flash those straight pearly whites without hesitation with a straight smile from an Invisalign transformation.

3. Be Taken Seriously

Unfortunately, appearances really do matter to many people, and this can extend into your career or personal life. When we don’t have straight teeth, we may be taken less seriously. A straight smile demonstrates that we are serious about caring for ourselves.

4. Reconnect With Old Friends

When our self-confidence is low or when we don’t feel the best about our appearance, it is only natural that our social connections start to wither away. And that should come as no surprise, because if we don’t like how we look, we’ll be less likely to get together with family, friends, and business connections. With a straight smile, you’ll start to feel excited again about getting to see your old friends. Plus, you’ll be more approachable, and you’ll be more likely to make some new friends too. You’ll no longer have the same worries about what people think of you when they first meet you because you won’t be self-conscious about your smile.

5. Improved Speech

Many patients don’t realize that a malocclusion can impact speech. A bad bite, overbite, or crooked teeth can lead to disordered speech. It can produce a lisp as well as the inability to properly produce strident sounds such as F, V, Z, and Ch. Addressing those dental issues will allow you to pronounce a full range of sounds and regain your regular speech patterns.

6. No Need To Wonder What People Are Thinking About Your Teeth

In the past, you probably made a conscious effort to keep your teeth from showing, worried about what people would think of you and your crooked teeth. But now, you can rest assured that not only are they not noticing crooked teeth or bad bite, but, instead, they are noticing your fantastic smile. With your improved smile from your Invisalign transformation, you won’t need to worry about what people think of your teeth.

7. Lessened Risk of Tooth Decay and Cavities

We know how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day, floss daily, and rinse with a fluoridated mouthwash after flossing. After all, a good at-home oral care routine is one of the best ways to keep dental plaque under control. But when our teeth are crooked, it can be harder to brush between teeth, and flossing can be that much more challenging. With straight teeth, your toothbrush and water flosser or traditional dental floss can better get into the various nooks and crannies between your teeth. This means less risk of dental decay getting out of control between dental visits.

If you don’t feel like smiling, an Invisalign transformation may be the game-changer you need in your life.

At Tomasik Family Dental, we want everyone to feel like smiling. Invisalign teeth have become a game changer for so many. So, if you are interested in a new smile, your Bee Cave dentist can help. In fact, all you need to do is request an appointment to find out if you are an Invisalign candidate and see how Bee Cave orthodontics can help you smile again. We make it easy to afford your smile too. So what are you waiting for? Get on our calendar today!