Fun and Food for the Dog Days of Summer in Bee Cave and Lakeway TX


Fun Summer Activities in Our Local Area

Do you have a favorite local summer treat? When the temperature climbs, delicious treats are a great way to keep cool and to make memories with your kids. When it comes to hot summer days in Bee Cave and Lakeway, TX treats from local favorites like Amy’s Ice Cream are a must-have to keep cool. If you or your family have dental pain or develop cavities from too many sweet summer treats, call us at Tomasik Family Dental to get relief right away. We will get you back to enjoying these delights of summer in Bee Cave and Lakeway with your family as soon as possible!

Beating The Heat In The Dog Days Of Summer

There is nothing like a Texas summer… and unless you’re from Texas you just won’t understand what real heat is! Texas summers have the kind of heat where even the flies don’t want to move because it’s just too hot. Those are the summer days that can actually be the most magical for your kids. With a little imagination and a little planning you can take those hot summer days in Bee Cave and Lakeway and turn them into memories that your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Catch fireflies.

When the hot summer sun wanes and dusk falls the fireflies come out. Poke holes in the lids of some glass jars and take your kids out to catch fireflies. If you’re lucky you will be able to find some fireflies in your backyard. But you can also take the kids to the Sculpture Garden or Central Park to hunt for fireflies.

Go for a swim.

When the weather is too hot to do anything but get in the water you can take the kids to the Lakeway Swim Center for some swimming and splashing. The family-focused facility has separate swim areas for younger children and older children and plenty of water slides and other fun things for kids so all of your kids will have fun there no matter how young they are. After a day of swimming stop and get some hot dogs, French fries, and ice cream because the kids will likely be hungry.

Take a trip to Amy’s.

Amy’s locally made artisan ice creams are a summertime delight for all ages. Parents and kids will love delicious frozen treats from Amy’s. Make sure to try Amy’s famous Mexican vanilla ice cream while you’re there.

Indoor Activities To Stay Cool

When it’s just too hot to be outside there are plenty of things that you and your kids can do indoors where it’s nice and cool like:

Go to the Hill Country Galleria.

The Galleria has movies, arcades, and lots of other fun activities for kids that are all indoors in air-conditioned comfort. You can also grab some delicious snacks at the restaurants in this complex.

Head to the library.

For free family fun go to the library! The library has activities for young children and books, movies, and music to keep your kids busy.

Beat the boredom with board games.

Another way to stay cool during the hottest part of the summer is to stay home and have a board game day where you and your kids play board games as a family while eating some fun summer treats. To make the day more special make some fancy drinks for everyone like fruit-infused water or lavender lemonade.

Enjoy low-sugar summer treats.

When most people think about summer they think about ice cream, but there are also low-sugar summer treats that you and your kids can enjoy. Ice cream is fine to enjoy in moderation but if your kids are clamoring for something sweet and cool when it’s hot and you don’t want to give them ice cream give them one of these low sugar summer treats instead:

Eat some refreshing watermelon.

Watermelon is the perfect summer treat. It’s juicy and sweet, but it’s filled with water which will help  your kids stay properly hydrated. Chilled watermelon chunks are a low-calorie and low-sugar treat that’s perfect for the hottest days of the summer.

Enjoy homemade ice cream.

If your kids really want ice cream you can make your own ice cream at home where you can control the amount of sugar that goes into it or use sugar alternatives. Making your own ice cream is easy to do, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker. There are lots of tutorials online that will show you how you and your kids can make homemade ice cream with ingredients you already have on hand.

Make a sweet summer salad.

This summer salad may just become a favorite in your house. All you need is a container of cottage cheese, a container of whipped cream, your favorite berries, and a packet of raspberry or strawberry sugar-free gelatin. After you wash the berries, combine the cottage cheese and whipped cream in a bowl and mix them together. Mix in the packet of gelatin powder. Then add the berries and chill. This is a protein-packed sweet treat that you and your family can enjoy for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.

Call Tomasik Family Dental with any dental concerns.

If all that ice cream over the summer leads to tooth sensitivity or you’re worried that your child might have a cavity, call us to schedule an appointment or a dental cleaning. We’re here for you all summer and all year!