8 Self-Improvement Tips for Even Greater Success


Pursuing success and happiness in life is a rewarding, limitless journey.

If you’ve already tasted success in life after working hard on self-improvement and personal growth and development, chances are you’re eager to take your journey even further.

Check out these eight personal development tips to elevate your success in life, work, and relationships.

1. Set aside time for yourself to dream.

A funny thing about finding success in life is that oftentimes our personal dreams can often fall by the wayside. In a sense, you get so caught up in your current success that you forget why you’re pursuing personal growth in the first place.

Take time to dream again and think about your ideal life if you had no barriers or obstacles. A wonderful way of expressing this is through journaling. Your journal can also be a source of inspiration, motivating you to continue following your dreams as you reread past entries.

2. Practice saying no more often.

Saying yes to new experiences is a great way of pushing boundaries and finding greater success in life. However, many successful individuals quickly find themselves feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities that can get in the way of self-improvement and personal growth.

If you know you’re the type of person who loves to say yes to favors or requests, consider practicing the art of tactfully saying no instead. Remember that this doesn’t mean you don’t love to help others. Rather, you’re simply delegating your effort and managing your time more carefully, which will benefit you and those around you.

3. Read more books of all genres.

Regular reading has numerous advantages, including igniting brain connectivity, improving your vocabulary, reducing physical stress, and enhancing your soft skills (i.e., empathy.) Even reading just 20 or 30 minutes a day promotes these benefits.

Self-improvement or self-help books are a natural choice for anyone looking to improve their lives but don’t forget about other genres as well. Biographies, philosophy, and history are all great choices for expanding your view on life. Fiction also has its place too. Although a sci-fi thriller or epic fantasy adventure may not have self-help advice, you can bet you’ll still benefit from reading a great story.

4. Ask for constructive criticism.

Seeking feedback from others can make you feel vulnerable, but it can also be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your personal growth and self-improvement.

If you keep an open mind you’ll find that constructive criticism from others will open your eyes to insights about yourself, your work, and your relationships that you never knew. Friends, family, and helpful coworkers will often have plenty of great things to say too, which is always a wonderful boost to your self-confidence.

5. Make time to care for others.

Blocking time in your weekly schedule for serving others can do more for your growth as a person than many self-improvement tips you might read. Practicing selflessness and experiencing the positive emotions that come with caring for other people is a feeling that can’t quite be put into words.

Some great service ideas include setting aside a day to visit your parents, run errands for an elderly neighbor, volunteer at a local shelter, make meals for the homeless, babysit for a friend that needs a break, or create a care package for a soldier overseas.

6. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Philosopher Eckhart Tolle has a wonderful viewpoint that we aren’t our thoughts, and becoming too absorbed into our thoughts can often lead to anxiety, mental stress, and negativity. Think about your own thoughts and how they can affect your life. Rather than experiencing a negative thought and deciding that’s how you feel, consider simply acknowledging the thought and letting it go.

Doing this takes practice but you’ll find that you’ll gradually get better and better at controlling negative, sad, or self-limiting thoughts. In turn, you’ll feel happier, see success in all facets of life, and experience contentment during your self-improvement journey.

7. Simplify your surroundings.

Did you know your surroundings can have a profound impact on your personal growth? Clutter, a lack of light, and disarray in a physical sense can cause you to feel just as disorganized, hectic, and overwhelmed in your mind. It isn’t surprising that many individuals who follow a minimalist lifestyle often see greater happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

You don’t need to become a minimalist, but by decluttering your home and workspace you’ll find you’re able to focus better on the important areas of your life. A serious spring cleaning and overhaul can really trigger a sudden spark in optimism and motivation for personal growth.

8. Invest in your smile.

Achieving an optimal level of health through a nutritious diet and regular exercise is an important factor in personal growth. But don’t forget about your smile and oral health. Your smile has a huge impact on your success in life — and we’re not just saying that because we’re passionate about oral health.

Research supports that there is a strong connection between a healthy, attractive smile and success in relationships, both personal and professional. A great smile boosts your self-confidence, makes you seem more approachable, and gives you an edge over the competition in a job search setting or getting that promotion.

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