7 Reasons We’re in Love with Texas Hill Country


Why Tomasik Family Dental Loves The Hill Country

Texas is famous for its rodeos, juicy steaks, cowboy hats, and big belt buckles. But that only scratches the surface of what this Lone Star State has to offer. Nestled between San Antonio and Austin and spanning 25 counties, lies the eclectic country region that Tomasik Family Dental calls home: Texas Hill Country. Here, the locals are friendly, the views spectacular, and the small towns just bursting with charm. It’s truly the bucolic mecca of Texas and anyone in or around the area should take time to explore it. Keep reading to find out why we’re in love with Texas Hill Country.

Friendly Locals

Ask anyone who’s been to the West and most of them will say that what they remember most about their trip is the friendly locals. Just about everyone you meet is polite. Things like opening doors, extending greetings, and simply smiling during casual interactions with strangers are common in the Hill Country.

Unique Culture

Texas may be known for its southwestern influences but it’s only in the Hill Country where this heritage is most prominent. You’ll also notice our unique culture in our traditional loaves of bread, sausages, dark beer, and sauerkraut. You may even come across a few townspeople who speak the German of their ancestors and enjoy polka dancing to oompah music as well as sizzling schnitzel. But what Tomasik Family Dental loves the most about our internationally-influenced culture is our heritage festivals. For instance, every November we have a Wurstfest where we celebrate beer and polka — just like Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Beautiful Views

We might be a little biased here but Texas Hill Country is the most beautiful part of Texas, and maybe even the whole of the U.S.! With rolling hills dotting an otherwise flat landscape, interspersed with gorges, limestone cliffs, and dramatic bluffs as well as a variety of wildlife and colorful vegetation… you won’t know where not to look.

Numerous Parks

Sometimes it feels like the Hill Country has a park for everything. Do you want to go on a hike? Colorado Bend State Park has a great round-trip hiking trail with scenic views and the famous Gorman falls. If you prefer to spend a lazy day on a river, you can splash around in the Frio River of Garner State Park. And we have Lost Maples State Park for those days when you’re revved up to spend time outdoors and embrace the healing powers of Mother Nature.

Plenty of Economic Opportunities

In March, a report from the U.S Commerce Department listed the state of Texas as one of the leading economic growth engines in the country. No other large state even came close to our 7.5% economic expansion in the last quarter of 2020. And if you think that’s impressive, the unemployment rate in the Hill Country region alone is ~6.0% while the U.S. average is also 6.0%. There’s no doubt the economy of Texas is booming and the Hill Country is at the heart of it.

Scenic Roads

Texas Hill Country is also the perfect region to just climb behind the wheel and drive where the wind (read: roads) takes you. The Willow City Loop, for instance, is one of the most scenic drives in all of Texas. This 13-mile stretch offers stunning views of creeks, rolling hills, profusions of wildflowers, and yucca-filled cliffs. Stop in at the Pecan Grove Historic Ice House for handmade burgers and drinks and get a glimpse of what the Hill Country was like over 50 years ago.

Exciting Outdoor Adventures

There are so many places to explore in the Hill Country, it almost feels like you’ve discovered another planet. Rock climbers from all over the country come to Enchanted Rock — the second largest granite dome — to try and reach the summit of this massive pink rock half-buried in the rocky landscape. The Hill Country is also home to the fastest, longest zip line in the whole of Texas, found right here in Lakeway’s own Lake Travis. Take a guided tour through the surrounding limestone crevices and explore the caves and canyonlands in the region. But if you prefer a more natural swimming hole with panoramic views, we have that too. Hamilton Pool Reserve is a lush grotto with gorgeous blue-green waters. Families with an adventurous spirit will also enjoy the short hike from the parking area to this natural pool.

It’s Our Home

Elvis Presley wasn’t wrong when he said (sang?) home is where the heart is. Tomasik Family Dental’s heart is truly in Bee Cave, Texas, right in the heart of Texas Hill Country. We enjoy the scenic drives to our Suite B office. Going zip lining at Lake Travis and swimming in the Hamilton Pool Reserve are some of our favorite pastimes. But what we love the most about Texas Hill Country is the chance to provide friendly, compassionate, and professional dental care to the greater Bee Cave and Lakeway communities. Feel free to fill out this online form to book an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you and making your teeth happy!