6 Fun Facts About Bee Cave and Lakeway, Texas


Learn more about our beautiful Bee Cave and Lakeway communities

Here at Tomasik Family Dental, we are happy to call Bee Cave, TX, home.

Most of our existing patients live in Bee Cave and Lakeway, but as our towns’ population grows, we’re increasingly welcoming patients who are new to the area. Chances are you already know a bit about Bee Cave and Lakeway if you live here or are planning a move to the area, but you’re probably eager to learn more.

We’ve gathered up 6 fun facts about the history of Bee Cave and Lakeway as well as why life here is so wonderful.

1. Bee Cave and Lakeway are both located in the stunning region known as Texas Hill Country.

Most states are divided by regions within the state’s borders, and with Texas being such a huge state, this categorization is really handy.  Bee Cave and Lakeway are located in Travis County in South Central Texas in the region known as Texas Hill Country—named so for the rolling, hilly grassland that makes up most of the landscape.

2. Bee Cave and Lakeway both have A+ ratings and rank in the top 10 best suburbs to live in the Austin area.

We might be a little biased when we say Bee Cave and Lakeway are some of the best places to live in Texas… but the statistics back up our claims.

According to Niche, a website that gathers statistics from trusted sources like the U.S. Census, Bee Cave and Lakeway both have A+ grades. These grades are calculated based on factors like housing, public schools, crime rates, and diversity.

Better yet, Bee Cave comes in at #8 for “Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Austin Area” while Lakeway comes in at #6 for “Best Suburbs to Live in Austin Area.”

3. Move over Punxsutawney Phil—Bee Cave Bob the Armadillo predicts the weather here.

Newcomers to Bee Cave might be surprised to learn we do Groundhog Day a little differently around here. We celebrate Armadillo Day instead. Rather than relying on Punxsutawney Phil, we have our very own Bee Cave Bob the Armadillo.

Bee Cave has been celebrating Armadillo Day for 11 years now, and while Bob doesn’t always get his spring predictions quite right, we still consider him our favorite forecaster.

Speaking of Armadillo Day, both Bee Cave and Lakeway host a number of fun events for the community. An easy way to find local events is to use a site like Eventbrite. You can find the Bee Cave page here and the Lakeway page here.

4. Bee Cave has a deep and colorful history, even though it wasn’t officially incorporated as a town until 1987.

The history of Bee Cave runs deep despite it being a small town. Bee Cave was originally settled by Deitrich Bohls sometime in the early 1850s, with its name coming from the swarms of honey-producing insects that swarmed the caves on the banks of the Barton River.

Interestingly, Bee Cave wasn’t officially incorporated as a town until 1987 and had quite a humble start. In fact, the original Village of Bee Cave administration team was originally set up in a portable building. Later in 2006, the Village of Bee Cave was officially changed to the City of Bee Cave as we know it today.

5. The name Bee Cave has been under some debate, both in terms of spelling and even the true identity of the bees themselves.

There has been an ongoing but light-hearted debate about whether Bee Cave should have been named Bee Caves, TX. The fact that there is both a Bee Cave Rd and a Bee Caves Rd doesn’t help the confusion either.

Another quirk about our town’s name is that there’s speculation that the so-called honey bees in the caves were actually Mexican honey wasps. This species of wasp is one of the few that do produce honey, so the likelihood of confusing the two types of insects is high.

6. Bee Cave and Lakeway are an outdoor lovers’ paradise, within a short drive to places like the unique Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Bee Cave and Lakeway are both smaller-sized cities so most of the time there’s a strong focus on what these cities offer from an urban standpoint. We definitely love our urban hotspots, but we also like to remind folks that the Bee Cave and Lakeway area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Time spent exploring outdoors is never wasted and our area has tons of different things to do. For example, just 20 minutes away is the Hamilton Pool Preserve, a historic swimming hole that features a cave-like limestone outcropping. Swimming here in the summer is something every Bee Cave or Lakeway family should have on their bucket list.

Tomasik Family Dental is proud to serve Bee Cave and Lakeway families.

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