What Can I Expect During My New Dental Patient Appointment?


Are you a new dental patient?

We know as well as anyone that the industry we work in isn’t always one our new patients are excited about. When was the last time you told someone you were excited to go to the dentist? Unless that dentist is Tomasik Family Dental, the answer might be “never!”

But we hear we’re different.

“Hands down the best dental practice I have ever been to! Just moved to Austin & a friend recommended them to us. It actually made going to see a dentist a pleasure.” —Charline D.

So what makes our dental practice one that our patients actually look forward to coming to?

Whatever the reason might be that you are looking to visit a new family dentist, the Tomasik Family dental team wants to become your family dentist for life. Our goal is to be the family dentist you choose in the Bee Cave or Lakeway, Texas, area.

What new dental patients should expect at their first Tomasik Dental appointment.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years or if you need to make a change to a new dentist, we want to ensure that you are well-informed about what to expect in your new dental patient appointment.

How to prepare for your new dental patient appointment.

If you switch from one family dentist to another, it will be vital that we obtain some critical information from you. When we can leverage your medical history and dental records, and X-rays from your previous provider, we can do a better job of assessing your care to date and developing the right dental treatment plan for you going forward.

  • Medical history: We will have a medical history form ready for you at your new patient appointment. To save time, you can complete the Tomasik Family Dental new patient form online. When completing the form, be sure to provide the most recent information about your health condition and any medications that you take. Many illnesses and prescriptions can impact your teeth and gums. New patients who provide detailed information help us ensure that we are adequately prepared to provide the best dental care possible.
  • Dental records and X-rays: We ask that new dental patients provide a history of past dental treatments so that we can do a better job of determining your current level of treatment. If possible, please have these documents transferred to our office before your new patient appointment.

We encourage open communication with our new dental patients.

Just as you would with your medical doctor, we ask that our patients be open and honest with us wherever possible. In particular, Tomasik Family Dental encourages new dental patients to share the following information with us.

  • Symptoms: If you are experiencing any pain or sensitivity in your mouth, teeth, or gums, please be sure to tell us. Though we will notice inflammation or redness, other factors cause pain and sensitivity that we just might not be able to see.
  • Gag reflex: If you have a strong gag reflex, please be sure to let us know. In many cases, we can avoid certain sensitive areas or use different techniques that won’t trigger that gag reflex.
  • Fear: If you have had a poor dental experience with a previous family dentist, or if you fear dental visits, please share that with us. We will do everything we can to make your experience with us pleasant and comfortable. In our experience, we have found that patients who share their concerns with us can better relax during the appointment.
  • Financial concerns: One of the reasons many people change family dentists is because of changes to their medical insurance or because they can’t afford services from a particular provider. If you are experiencing any financial hardship or don’t have dental insurance, please be sure to share your concerns with us in advance of your appointment. We offer a membership plan that provides two dental exams per year, two standard cleanings, one set of X-rays, and various other benefits.

Additional safety precautions are in place due to coronavirus.

Our new dental patients must be well-informed about the safety practices we have to keep our patients and staff safe during this challenging time. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, we ask you to please contact us so that we may reschedule your new dental patient appointment.

Nothing is quite normal these days, so expect to see the following safety precautions in place.

  • We are conducting patient screenings in advance of appointments using guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • We ask all patients to complete an online COVID screening form before arriving at the clinic.
  • Patients should call us from their vehicle when they arrive in our parking lot. We will text or call when it is time to report to the office.
  • No visitors are allowed at this time. Exceptions exist for minors or those needing additional assistance.
  • We ask patients to use hand sanitizer when entering the office.
  • Waiting rooms are clear of all non-essential items, and chairs have been spaced at safe distances to allow for social distancing.
  • We strive to provide as much time as possible between patients so that as few patients are waiting in the waiting room as possible at any given time.
  • Air purifiers have been installed in all rooms to filter air particles and reduce disease spread risk.
  • Our staff is all screened daily upon arrival to work. We also wear personal protection equipment (PPE) and adhere to social distancing as much as possible.

Though we always strive to provide the most incredible welcome to our existing patients and new dental patients, please understand that we are temporarily refraining from handshakes. Though we will be so happy to see you, our goal is to limit coronavirus exposure and cross-contamination.

Contact Tomasik Family Dental for your new dental patient appointment.

If you live in the Bee Cave, Lakeway, or surrounding communities, we would love the opportunity to meet you and share how our approach to comfort dentistry is different than other dentists you have encountered. We strive to provide comfortable and affordable dental care for all ages.

To schedule a new patient appointment, or if you need to reschedule your appointment due to illness or any other reason, you can do so by completing our online appointment form, emailing us at appointments@tomasikdental.com, or calling our office.