7 Signs You Might Need a Dental Implant


Thinking about getting a dental implant?

A dental implant is an incredible prosthetic tooth treatment option, but the scope of what’s involved can cause some hesitation. They require oral surgery, take four to six months of healing, and tend to be on the expensive side when compared to other tooth replacement options. These factors may make you stop and think, “Do I really need dental implants?”

The answer to that question ultimately comes down to what you want for both your smile and your lifestyle. Dental implants are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, and for very good reasons. They look natural and beautiful, plus they last for life and have an exceptionally high success rate.

If you’re still on the fence about dental implants, here are seven situations in which they’re a great choice.

1. You want the best solution possible for missing teeth.

Dental implants are not the right solution for everyone; however, when compared to other tooth replacement options, they are easily the best general solution. They mimic natural teeth in a way dental bridges and dentures can’t. They support jawbone health and prevent bone shrinkage. A dental implant post also lasts for life, while the dental crown may last 10 to 15 years or longer before needing to be replaced. If you want the best of the best, you’ll be getting that when choosing dental implants.

2. Your tooth is severely cracked or decayed.

As strong as our teeth are, they aren’t invincible. Cracks from biting down on something hard or a struggle with tooth decay can leave a tooth weakened and structurally unsound. Some teeth may be able to be saved with something like a dental crown, but if too much stable tooth is gone, then an extraction may be the healthiest option. Once the tooth is removed and a dental implant placed, you’ll have permanently solved your problem.

3. You’ve experienced damage from periodontitis.

Advanced periodontitis, the most destructive form of gum disease, can truly wreak havoc on your mouth. Gum tissue may be permanently lost, teeth may need to be pulled, and the infection may even harm the bone in the jaw. Once the infection is treated and fully healed, your dentist can begin rebuilding the health of your mouth with treatments like gum grafts, bone grafts, and eventually a beautiful dental implant.

4. You’re frustrated with uncomfortable dentures.

Properly fitted dentures should be comfortable, but many wearers still find themselves not enjoying the experience. Dentures may become loose, slip while talking, rub on the gum tissue, and even cause sores. While refitting will certainly improve your comfort, if you want to be done with refittings, replacements, and sticky adhesives for good, implant-supported dentures will be the life-changing solution of your dreams.

5. You don’t want to replace broken dental bridges.

Dental bridges generally last anywhere from five to 10 years, but there’s a chance of them breaking or coming out of place before they actually need to be replaced. If you’ve already broken dental bridges before and you don’t want to invest more in a semi-permanent solution, making the switch to dental implants will give you peace of mind and could very well save you money in the long run.

6. Your face looks prematurely aged or sunken.

Missing teeth can age a face, not because of the teeth themselves but because of how the bone structure changes. When a tooth’s root isn’t present in the jawbone, the bone begins to reabsorb and shrink away. Even when these teeth are replaced with dentures or a dental bridge, bone loss still occurs, resulting in a sunken appearance to the face. Dental implant posts replicate the root of a tooth, stopping bone loss and even giving a faux facelift effect.

7. You feel diminished self-confidence with your smile.

Feeling a lack of self-confidence in your smile is reason enough to seek out dental implants. If your teeth, dentures, or old dental bridge make you want to hide your smile, it’s probably time to take a chance. Dental implants look just like natural teeth, which means those who see your smile will be none the wiser. You’ll be able to confidently grin, laugh, and talk without any worries about someone seeing “work” done.

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