The 5 Best Ways to Invest In Yourself


Invest in Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

When your body, mind, and soul are in harmony, there’s a beautiful balance and tranquility in your being. Each individual piece is important to care for, as each piece contributes to the harmony of the whole. There will be ebbs and flows in life, ups, and downs—just like a rollercoaster—while it can sometimes seem unpredictable, one thing you can always count on is yourself. A great way to make sure you’re ready for the ride is by keeping yourself in harmony.

Recognizing You’re Worth It

Have you ever struggled with deciding if you should spend money on yourself? Is that thing you need or want really worth it? Or if you really should make the time to hit the gym, cook healthy meals, visit the doctor?

When it comes to spending, whether it be currency or time, try changing how you frame it—from spending to investing. If there’s something that contributes to your harmony, it’s worth every penny and every second. Investing in yourself is always worth it and has a great return on investment. This kind of self-care is a powerful statement that tells yourself, and the world, that you know your worth and are willing to do what’s necessary to maintain harmony in your life. If you do these things, you can maintain a healthy body, mind, soul and thrive.

If you’re ready to start investing but aren’t sure where to begin, these are our top 5 ways to invest in yourself. Reduce your stress.

#1. Reduce Your Stress.

Chronic stress is a serious health issue that can lead to physical and mental illness. It can have a negative impact on moods and lead to long-term health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. These ailments end up costing a lot of money and time to manage, which is why doing things to reduce your stress can end up being more economical (currency and time) and actually boost your moods and health. Check out our recent blog about the negative impacts of chronic stress. Here are some great ways to reduce stress.


Numerous studies have proven that exercise helps reduce stress. There are many physical benefits to exercise—such as increased strength and cardiovascular system wellness as well as the ability to fight disease. Exercise also helps increase cognitive function—meaning you can think clearer, faster, and better. So go for a run, lift weights, take a yoga class. Do something to move your body. Exercise can reduce tension, improve mood and promote better sleep.

Set boundaries.

We live in a society that prizes busyness. It’s so easy to say yes to everything, but then you’re left wondering how in the world you’re going to get it all done. Usually, your own self-care gets put on the back burner. Setting boundaries and saying no to some things will create the space and time you need to spend time on yourself. If you feel like you’re juggling too many things, get clear on your priorities and start setting some boundaries. Get comfortable saying no to obligations that don’t serve your goals, and start saying yes to yourself.

Relaxation time.

Practicing relaxation has many benefits for physical and psychological health. Relaxation activities that reduce tension and promote muscle relaxation like massage, yoga, and sauna are great. You can also relax by enjoying a good book, meditating, gardening, or doing anything you enjoy.

#2. Establish healthy habits.

Developing healthy habits is important for your whole body, and did you know that much of that starts with your mouth? Yes, keeping your teeth and gums healthy actually affects your entire body. Studies show that when oral health declines, instances of heart disease, stroke, and cancer increase. Conversely, your oral health is a window to your overall health. If you have a bodily illness, it will often present itself in some way within your mouth.

These are two important reasons why visiting your dentist on a regular basis can benefit your oral and total body health. Twice yearly professional dental hygiene cleanings, twice daily brushing, and once daily flossing, combined with any at-home care your dentist recommends, are all simple ways to ensure you keep your mouth in tip-top shape.

These are some of our top healthy habits for your mouth.

Create a dental hygiene routine.

We know we say this a lot, and for good reason! You should brush your teeth twice daily. Floss daily too. Brushing can’t get between teeth where cavity-causing bacteria live.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks, and eat a diet that consists of nutrient-dense foods. If it’s healthy for your body, it’s good for teeth. (Side note: We know you will enjoy some birthday cake, a celebratory glass of champagne, a few holiday treats, as you should! Just have healthy eating habits most of the time and enjoy treats some of the time. Balance is key, right?)

Visit. Your. Dentist. Twice. A. Year. This gives us the opportunity to give your teeth a deep cleaning, leaving them clean and bright, and also check on your teeth, gums, tongue, and monitor for any changes. We will make sure everything still looks good and address any problems earlier rather than later.

#3. Fuel your body.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat” because, well, it’s true. Eating foods rich in nutrients that give your body the energy and fuel it needs to function and perform is the ultimate form of self-care. What you put into your body can help you or harm you. Be kind to yourself and fuel yourself right. Not only will this help you feel better because you’re eating better, but it can help you look better too.

Making a complete lifestyle change may seem like an overwhelming task, but consider the alternative. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start by doing some research, then make small changes and add a new change every few weeks. Soon you’ll be living a new, healthy lifestyle. There are tons of resources online about eating for health, so get to Googling!

#4. Invest in your personal development.

What’s something you’re passionate about? Is there an area in your life in which you want to grow, personally or professionally? Investing in your personal development is another ultimate form of self-care. As you learn and grow, so do your experiences, so does your life, and so do those around you.

We are a reflection of the five people closest to us, according to Jim Rohn. Improving yourself can motivate those around you to dig deeper also.

#5. Look good feel good.

This tip may seem more superficial, but there’s actually science behind the theory of looking good and feeling good. Studies show that if you feel confident in your smile, you’re more likely to smile freely and not hold back or hide from speaking to those you encounter in your everyday life. That means speaking up with confidence in the big meeting if you have a valid viewpoint to offer. Feeling confident in your appearance means you’ll be more comfortable when the spotlight inevitably shifts to you.

Your smile confidence has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and life. So making healthy dental habits part of your routine can benefit your confidence too! And if you’ve ever considered a cosmetic treatment like tooth whitening or porcelain veneers, that’s an investment in your confidence and your happiness which is absolutely worth it.

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