Famous People Who’ve Used Invisalign


Celebrities and Their Teeth

Ahhh, celebrities. We spend countless hours clicking links to news articles promising hidden insights into their daily lives. We peruse gossip magazines and websites while pretending that we’re actually being productive and reviewing reports or some such nonsense at the office. We admire their perfect bodies, their glossy hair, their ability to make even the most ridiculous outfits look put together. In short, we view them in some odd combination of disdain and exceptional regard for daring to be so darn…well, perfect.

The reality, however, is just a little less sexy. Since most of these actors,  reality television stars, and politicians don’t exactly have what we’d call a day job, they have the luxury of round-the-clock personal chefs, stylists, makeup and hair artists and more. And don’t even get us started on the endorsement deals that stock those closets with designer duds that cost more than most of us could make selling a kidney (which we do not condone for obvious reasons). Looking good is their day job.

While many of us mere mortals will never know what it’s like to star in a major movie role or take front stage on national news, one area where anyone and everyone can feel like a superstar is in obtaining that sparkling white, perfect smile. In fact, many well-known famous types are far from born with their awe-inspiring pearly whites. Want the low down on just which A-listers have utilized Invisalign technology to help them get ahead in the smile department? We’ve done some sleuthing to come up with this little-known list of famous people who have used Invisalign to build their way to oral health success.

Katherine Heigl

If you had to come up with a list of stunning, blonde, it-girls from the last 15 years, Katherine Heigl would certainly be at the top of most celebophile’s lists. Starring in everything from Grey’s Anatomy to more romantic comedies than we can count, Ms. Heigl certainly epitomizes the idea of Hollywood glam. During the promotion of her wedding-based movie 27 Dresses, however, Katherine dropped the bombshell that her perfectly straight smile wasn’t exactly courtesy of amazing genetics. As it turns out, Katherine utilized invisalign before her own real life wedding to ensure that her portraits with singer-songwriter hubby Josh Kelly were flawless. It turns out that even silver screen, make-believe doctors know best when it comes to a lovely cheshire grin.


Few current celebrities can match the work ethic and versatility as the up and coming starlet Zendaya. From circus performer in the Greatest Showman to Spiderman’s love interest, there are few leading roles that this young beauty hasn’t been able to snag. Like most teenagers, however, this leading lady struggled with a less than straight grin during those awkward highschool years. A few rounds with Invisalign, however, and this young woman is flying higher than ever before thanks to the confidence boost she’s gotten with a perfected grin.

Justin Bieber

Speaking of bright young talent, few celebs have seemed to grow up in the public spotlight like Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber. Never one to shirk away from a little bit of publicity, however, Justin opened up way back in 2011 about his use of Invisalign to correct his crooked smile. It may have taken a bit longer for the pop icon to get his life on track, but the Invisalign treatment certainly appears to have done the trick if the bout of smiles he’s been sporting since his recent nuptials are any indication.

Serena Williams

When you think of a powerhouse athlete, few people could come out on top of the legend that is Serena Williams. While her tennis game has been on point since she was a wee child growing up in Los Angeles, her smile needed a little bit of its own training. At the tender age of 16, Serena turned to Invisalign to help her muscle out any imperfections in her toothy lineup. Whether it’s a triumphant scream on the tennis court, or that mile-wide grin while taking home the gold, it’s easy to see the impact a winning smile has had on this superstar athlete.

Oprah Winfrey

Daytime talk shows may come and go, but there’s no denying the queen of the empire has and will always be Ms. Oprah herself. While her confidence, wit, intelligence and generosity may be legendary, eagle-eyed fans caught Ms. O sporting corrective Invisalign braces years ago on her acclaimed show. Nowadays it seems as if you can’t spot the dynamic media mogul sporting anything but a grin. One could say that with Invisalign technology “you get a smile, and you get a smile, and you get a smile…everyone gets a smile!!!”

Zac Efron

Few celebrities have epitomized the from-hot-to-not transformation of adolescence into adulthood as the sizzling Zac Efron. While his recently muscled physique may have you doing a double take, hardcore fans who know Zac’s character from his High School Musical days may be able to spot a less than perfect palette. A late teenage to early adulthood dose of Invisalign therapy and this bonafide superstar can now add perfect teeth to match his legendary perfect abs.

Embrace Your Inner Celebrity

If our breakdown of the best and brightest superstar smiles has left you with a serious case of envy, never fear. The expert dentists at Tomasik Family Dental are ready to help you achieve your very best you, without the fuss of paparazzi following your every move. Our doctors are certified in the latest and greatest in Invisalign technology and can help craft an unobtrusive, effective treatment plan that fits your life and budget.

Interested in channeling your inner celebrity? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out how you don’t need to be a superstar in order to achieve an A-list smile.


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