10 Benefits of Single Visit Crowns


CEREC Crowns are streamlining your care.

Your tooth hurts, and it feels like there is a giant crater in the center of it. Surely there has to be a crater that is exposing the nerve to air as you breathe and temperature changes as you eat and drink—it’s the only explanation you can think of as you wince once again from taking a deep breath through your mouth.

You’ve been down this road before: you need a root canal and a crown.

The last time you got a crown, it was a several-week-long process with a lot of pain and careful chewing. So you’re really not looking forward to repeating that experience. But guess what? You don’t have to.

Come see Dr. Tomasik and get a CEREC crown instead. What is a CEREC crown? It’s a single visit crown. It’s a same-day crown we can create for you here, in our office, in hardly any time.

What is CEREC? That stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It’s a dental prosthetic we can create for you using CAD/CAM dentistry.

So your three-week crown experience you had last time is now complete in the matter of one visit.

Amazing, right?

Here are 10 incredible benefits of single-visit crowns.

1. They’re strong.

Single visit crowns are made from a solid block of ceramic or resin material. In the past, crowns were created as a porcelain layer fused to a metal one. While the metal added strength and the porcelain a natural look, this layered approach left the crowns prone to chipping and cracking. And those chips and cracks lead to the visibility of the metal lying underneath—not exactly a desirable outcome from your investment.

The single visit crowns are also heat treated during the milling process for an even stronger final product.

2. They save you time.

Single visit crowns mean just that—one single visit. It used to be that crown procedures required at least two visits, assuming the temporary crown you had to wear for three weeks didn’t fall off and need to be reapplied.

That’s two to three visits and a three week minimum wait time cut down to just a few hours. Not to mention the complete elimination of time you might spend worrying about your temporary crown falling off from normal day-to-day activities like eating.

3. They look natural.

Same day crowns are made to match the rest of your teeth. We’re able to create a tooth that uniquely matches your natural smile. Using the CAD/CAM technology, we are able to match both the shape and shade of your natural tooth for a perfect smile that is truly all yours.

4. You’ll experience less sensitivity.

Temporary crowns, which are a part of the lab-created crown process, are known to cause sensitivity. With CEREC crowns, there is no waiting period, which means you won’t need temporaries, and you won’t experience an uncomfortable three-weeks waiting for that final appointment to apply your permanent crown.

5. Repeat after me: No temporary crown.

Temporaries could be such a headache. They could sometimes come off before the next appointment, caused sensitivity, occasionally didn’t fit very well, and could hinder the ability to chew and speak normally. Any of these side-effects of a temporary crown could make living through the three-week-wait feel like a very long time.

Temporary crowns also irritate the gums and open up the prepared tooth to bacteria. They sometimes even cause the surrounding teeth to shift which will make fitting the final crown difficult.

6. No more gross, gooey impressions.

Physical impressions were often uncomfortable and always, well… goopy. For some patients, the generic tray wouldn’t fit their mouth properly or even cause them to gag.

That whole process is, thankfully, now completely replaced. With the literal wave of a wand over your teeth we are now able to quickly and easily take digital impressions. It takes just a few minutes and is infinitely more comfortable for you as the patient.

7. CEREC crowns are  more accurate.

Physical impressions have multiple factors that could affect their accuracy including the amount of saliva in the patient’s mouth, how well the generic tray shape fit a patient’s bite, and of course, the always inevitable, human error.

With the CEREC crowns, digital impressions are taken using an intra-oral wand and then sent to in-office software to create a three-dimensional virtual crown.

Next, this 3D data is sent to a machine and used to mill a ceramic block into the final crown, which is then heat-treated for strength, and finally colored to match your existing teeth. All of this is done in-office and in a matter of hours.

8. You’ll save money.

Fewer office visits and a more efficient crown creation process means fewer hours missed at work. By cutting out the lab, you’ll only have to come to see us for one visit.

9. They’ll stand the test of time.

Single visit crowns can last 10 to 15 years, if not longer, with the proper maintenance and care. As a stronger and more accurate fit compared to other types of crowns, they are less prone to cracking and chipping from regular usage.

While it is important to treat your new crowns with care and avoid using them as tools or to chew ice, they can withstand normal day-to-day usage for years to come.

10. They’re multipurpose.

Crowns are a wonderful solution for a number of both restorative and aesthetic purposes such as protecting a tooth after root canal treatment, anchoring a dental bridge, covering a dental implant, improving a misshapen tooth, or strengthening a fractured tooth.

Single visit crowns mean less pain, less frustration, and less worry. They get you back to your day-to-day life and normal routines faster than ever.

At Tomasik Dental we love providing same day crowns. We want your new crowns to feel like a natural, normal part of your smile that feels as if they have always been there!

Schedule your appointment. We look forward to giving you the best dental experience.


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