Your Teeth, Your Style—Only Better


See how cosmetic dentistry can take your smile to the next level with a smile makeover.

We’re all born with a beautiful smile. Think about it. A newborn baby smiles that gummy smile, and it can make anyone’s heart melt. An elementary school student smiles, showing the gap in their teeth from a lost baby tooth, and their parents want to capture that memory for eternity. And during the greatest occasions of our life, such as high school graduation or our wedding day, it’s inevitable that we will flash a beautiful smile.

But as we get older, our smiles can fade. Our teeth can start to discolor, and maybe we’ve experienced tooth decay or dental trauma that has impacted our smile. Whatever has caused your smile to be less than what it once was, there are dental cosmetics that can help.

Your smile affects your daily life.

Though we shared two examples of special occasions when your smile can come into play, it isn’t just reserved for big events. Your smile plays a role in your daily life. It can put others at ease or bring comfort to those in need. Your smile demonstrates confidence and can also show others that you are independent and capable. And on the flip side, your lack of a smile can tell those you love that you might need extra support or a hug.

Smiling is also good for our health. When we smile, our bodies release endorphins that make us feel happy and relaxed. Smiling also helps relieve pain when we are experiencing stress or discomfort by releasing dopamine and serotonin to lift our mood.

Benefits of a Bright, Healthy Smile

We all know a ​​healthy smile can transform our appearance. And forcing a smile, even when we don’t want to, can help bring positivity to our mindset. But did you know that smiling can help in other ways too? Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can do the following for our bodies.

1. It helps you keep your teeth your entire life.

The more we smile and the better we take care of our teeth and gums, the more likely our teeth will last a lifetime. And that means smiles for everyone every day.

2. It reduces the risk of disease.

Gum disease creates a pathway for bacteria to get into our bloodstream. Gum disease and tooth decay can also lead to inflammation of the blood vessels. This could block the blood supply to your brain, making you more at risk for a stroke.

3. It increases your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

When a pregnant woman has excessive oral bacteria growth, it can enter the bloodstream through her gums, making its way to the uterus. This can then trigger the production of prostaglandin, which can induce premature labor. So, the healthier your mouth, the less likely you are to give birth before 35 weeks. A healthy mouth will increase the likelihood of a healthy baby.

What if you don’t love your smile?

So what happens if you don’t love your smile? Thankfully, if you don’t love your smile due to some sort of dental issue, with the right cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can get a smile makeover that will give you a smile you will love. It all starts by setting up a consultation with your preferred cosmetic dentist. If you live or work near Bee Cave, Texas, then be sure to request an appointment with Tomasik Family Dental.

Prepare for your first appointment by filling out any new patient forms in advance. But perhaps most importantly, make a list of what you don’t like about your smile and what you have tried in the past. Reach out to any past dentists, too, and ask them to forward your dental records. The more informed your cosmetic dentist can be about your past oral health and history, the better they will be able to help you with the smile makeover treatment that’s right for you.

So Many Smile Makeover Cosmetic Dental Treatments

You should know that no smile makeover is quite the same. Depending on your unique situation, your dentist may make one recommendation over another. But common cosmetic dental treatments include dental veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening, or orthodontics.

Dental veneers dramatically improve the radiance and symmetry of your smile. If you have spacing issues or crowded, misaligned, chipped, discolored or stained teeth or crowns, veneers can help correct those challenges.

In just one appointment, dental bonding can correct minor spacing issues and  uneven, mildly discolored, or chipped/fractured teeth.

Teeth whitening can eliminate imperfections and discolorations that have dulled your smile’s natural radiance, and we have options based on what is most convenient for you. Some patients prefer the convenience of an at-home whitening system, while others like to see the almost-immediate effect of an in-office whitening treatment.

At your initial smile makeover consultation, your dentist will discuss your treatment options and can explain to you which treatments will go together. For example, your dentist might recommend bonding, veneers, whitening, and Invisalign. The goal of your consultation will always be to create a style that enhances your beauty and personality while keeping your oral health at top quality.

Let Tomasik Family Dental give you the smile makeover you deserve.

If you are in need of a smile makeover to help you restore the health and brilliance of your smile, then let Tomasik Family Dental come to the rescue. Drs. Tomasik and Clor are well-experienced cosmetic dentists who are ready to help you achieve a bolder, whiter, younger-looking smile. Your new smile will help provide a boost to your self-esteem and confidence. Don’t delay! Schedule your smile makeover consultation today.